Read about who really benefits from these special offers in the end. Credit comparisons on the Internet like the one from CHECK24 create transparency about the credit conditions of numerous providers. Basically, online banks offer cheaper loans than branch banks. With the instant loan, the money will be transferred to your account within a few minutes or within a day.

This makes informed consumers independent of offers from their house bank. Apply for a loan – directly from the comparison. We’ll show you for whom the instant loan is particularly suitable. You can compare their conditions with those of other banks, take out the loan online via the comparison portal with the cheapest provider and save money. If you have found a cheap loan in the loan calculator, you can apply for it directly on the Internet. SCHUFA entries saved by you determine whether and under what conditions you will receive a loan.

Purpose of use. Just like with a loan from the house bank, you have to provide some documents and data in order to ultimately get the loan approved. Use the free self-assessment to check whether all the data is correct. For loans with special purposes, the APR is usually lower than for loans for free use.

This includes first of all the information already provided: name, date of birth, address, number of children, marital status and family relationship. We show you how it works! This is because the bank usually requires additional collateral for a loan with a special purpose.

In addition, the bank also needs information on the applicant’s financial situation. Personal loan calculator. What income is available, what expenses exist and are there already other loans. Online credit. With the CHECK24 personal loan calculator you can calculate a personal loan in different ways – you can optionally determine the monthly rate, loan amount or term by entering different parameters. The income is proven by the monthly pay slip.

What actually defines an online loan from Miro Kredit? Above all, it is easy to apply for and quick to process. Why is a personal loan comparison at CHECK24 worthwhile?

In addition, bank statements often have to be supplied. In addition, Miro Kredit AG from Basel offers transparency, competence and experience from over 30 years of business activity. If you want to get the cheapest possible personal loan, you should not just accept the first offer from your house bank, but compare personal loan interest rates and other conditions. Another point that goes into the credit check is the industry in which an applicant is employed.

So don’t apply for your online loan anywhere, trust the experts at Miro Kredit. Online it is quick and easy to get an overview of loans from a large number of banks in order to borrow money at the lowest possible interest rates. The risk of loan default due to unemployment is higher in construction than in the pharmaceutical industry. Here you get exactly the online loan that suits your needs. Direct and branch banks, whose personal loans can be concluded directly via the comparison, also the loan conditions of other banks and savings banks, as well as an overview of the branch interest rates available in the area: The CHECK24 private loan comparison provides you bad credit loans with comprehensive and quick information about where and under what conditions You will receive your desired loan – term, debit interest, effective annual interest rate, possible loan amounts and purposes are clearly displayed.

However, a lot has happened in online loans. How you want to use the online loan is entirely up to you. With the partners whose loans can be taken out from the private loan comparison, CHECK24 negotiates exclusive special conditions that are particularly favorable for you as a borrower. The PostIdent procedure has been replaced by the VideoIdent procedure. Use Miro Kredit to finance your dream car, a renovation or high-quality consumer electronics. These are only available via the credit comparison, not directly from the banks and not from other comparison portals. Some institutes also offer an electronic signature and digital transmission of the documents.

Miro Kredit makes it easy for you to find the online loan that fully meets your needs. So that you can recognize these offers immediately, they are marked in the results overview. As an alternative to the transmission of account statements, the account holder can also grant the financing bank one-time access to his current account for credit checks.

Our loan calculator gives you precise information about which interest rate you can expect for which amounts and terms.