Well, i will be in comparable situation. A year ago, he approached on Facebook. He inboxed me personally a concern. In few hours, he asked me personally down on a night out together. The couple that is first we turned him straight down because he had been perhaps perhaps perhaps not my kind. Their character, terms, and compliments swayed me personally e-chat search. We consented to head out with him, in which he could maybe not take action. He provided no description. I didn’t have nagging problem along with it. We continue steadily to talk.. He would text me personally and phone me personally. We made intends to venture out on another date. We have gown and I also am waiting on him in the future. We live 50 minutes far from one another. Text me personally about 4hrs. later to share with me personally which he could perhaps maybe perhaps not take action. He’s got opportunity that is big. Which will make up to me personally, he stated which he would come see me personally. The week that is whole he promised & never ever came. Currently, we’ve maybe not been on a night out together. We text and talk from the phone. Now, he doesn’t react to my text, and now we barely talk on thephone. He travels from coast to coast for their task, & he has got a child that is young. We reported about him perhaps perhaps not responding & maybe perhaps not calling me personally. I usually ask why we haven’t been away and whenever can he is seen by me? We text him everyday, in which he stated it is way too much. “He interested he is so busy in me, but. He could be maybe maybe perhaps not going anywhere. I would like be patient and unwind.” I’ve started developing emotions for him. I actually do perhaps maybe not know the way you travel all around the nation, you could perhaps not allow it to be 50 moments to see me personally. I actually do perhaps perhaps maybe not realize. I am busy, but relax it will happen when I ask what is up, his answer is. We made a decision to cool it for two to three weeks. Yesterday had been our very first dayback speaking. He stated that I happened to be calling and texting too much. He felt harass. I desired to learn responses & he had been perhaps maybe not responsing. I inquired for few times. Exactly just just What shoul i really do? he’s good guy, but i want much more fhim.

We made a decision to just just just take a rest for a few.

i’m going down with one very nice guy we sought out three twemes I will feel taht he likes me personally cos whenever we get at all i used to txt him i stoped txting him too i dont know what to do maybe it is over but when i saw him last time he even wanted to give me one of his mobile cos my one is broken i am bit confuesed please help out he do lot of things for me he love spending time with me. the problem is he doesnt call me and txt me i’ve seen him 8 days ago he deosnt call me.

many thanks soo muchhh

ok and this is just what occurred we accustomed head to skewl in like a week nd yesterday i got a call from him while i was getting my hair cut so i told him i would call him back then when i did he said he would call me when he got home but he didnt call me, so today i saw him on facebook nd i IMed him nd he asked me to txt him cuz he had to get off so we txtd for like two mins and he didnt reply after tht he is always saying he is busy but i dont know with what with him in 6th grade thts when we started dating were still ating nd im about to go into 9th grade but a few weeks ago he moved out of state and at first the long distance thing was working but he hasnt talked to me. I would personally breakup with him but ive been dating him for 3 yrs nd he’s my very first boyfriend. but I do believe he could be getting fed up with dating the exact same individual for such a long time i thing he could be cheating on me personally just exactly what must I do?