They had terrorists in each village forcing the other Albanians to comply by their instructions or they were killed. IN my country many thing happened in this time. This is a reason of Great pride for our romanians.

For a one-way frame delay measurement, the command displays a runtime display of the number of 1DM frames sent from the initiator MEP during that ETH-DM session. One-way frame delay and frame delay variation measurements from an ETH-DM session are collected in a CFM database at the router that contains the receiver MEP. You can retrieve ETH-DM statistics from a CFM database at a later time. field displays the highest one-way and two-way frame delays among all statistics collected at the CFM session level. When you start a two-way frame delay measurement, the CLI output includes a runtime display of the highest two-way frame delay value among the statistics collected for the ETH-DM session only.

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Famous politicians who always resisted serbs in all ways possible and serbs couldn;t do shit to them even during the war because they were known people. As for Kosova being yours, please read the below posts i’ve put. There are many more where your scholars say that Albanians are deeply rooted to Kosovo so the only way to drive them out is the colonization and sebinasation of the land. Very strange if you ask me and these are published and they can all be found in serbian libraries.

  • A country that used to be twice the size was chopped into little pieces and serbs wanted even more.
  • As noted above, children can be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 and some children develop severe illness.
  • It has been shows culturally, historically, and traditionally.
  • Your considerations about Serbia are without sense.
  • In the SI system, apart from prefixes for powers of 1000, use of the “centi” (10−2), “deci” (10−1), “deca” (10+1) and “hecto” (10+2) prefixes with litres is common.
  • Now that Yu is died, serbs have the opportunity to say to all the worls “I’m from republic of Serbia” and not SCG or Yugoslavia.
  •  For example, when you perform the electrolysis of Lead Bromide PbBr2 you obtain both Lead and Bromine gas.

Greece is a very well respected country and even imbecils here know for what Greece has given to the World. I am currently in London and so so so many people from here save up for an entire year to go on a two week holiday to GREECE. They all go to Greece for its superior history, wonderful weather, beaches, tourist infrastuctura, charming towns, amazing islands, great nightlife and beautiful girls. Stefan, i wasn’t sure about the fact that greek people needed visas to go in th UK for the simple reason that a greek friend of mine told me that last year . Well anyway maybe he wasn’t so well informed about this matter, i don’t know, that’s what he told me at least. In Germany, for example, the Turkish mafia has offered Albania a conduit and infrastructure for drug trafficking into Western Europe.

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I do not want to kill you, I said that in an emotional outrage. Then I hope to bring some of my American friends over to Kosovo, with some US senators, so that they can see the suffering of the Serbian people. Anyway, my point is that I stop posting comments because first I have to finilise my PH. D thesis and then I go home to Hungary for vacation. My contract here expires and I have no intention to extend it. In other words I have to prepare for a smooth landing in Hungary for 2007 despite the fact that the country faces some difficulties in the coming years as announced by the prime minister. I see you are desperately arguing about the last decades.

Bottles may also be 75 cL or half size at 37.5 cL for “artisanal” brews or 70 cL for wines or spirits. Similarly, alcohol shots are often marked in cL in restaurant menus, typically 3 cL (1.06 imp fl oz; 1.01 US fl oz). In 1964, at the 12th CGPM conference, the original definition was reverted to, and thus the litre was once again defined in exact relation to the metre, as another name for the cubic decimetre, that is, exactly 1 dm3. A litre is the volume of a cube with sides of 10 cm, which is slightly less than a cube of sides 4 inches (one-third of a foot). One cubic foot would contain exactly 27 such cubes , making one cubic foot approximately equal to 27 litres. One cubic foot has an exact volume of 28.