In a nutshell, PrivacyVault is a safe bet when it comes to guarding your memories against unauthorized access. It’s also nice that the Personal Vault encrypts files on your Windows 10 system, too. We think Microsoft should offer full-disk BitLocker encryption to everyone on Windows 10, but this is better than nothing.

Download and install the Secret Photo Vault from App Store on APK ME Mobi any iOS device. Make sure that you set up a hard pin or pattern to keep your photos secured in the Keepsafe Photo Vault app. Of course, you can also use your fingerprint, but we don’t recommend it as anyone can use it while you’re sleeping.

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All you have to do is get register with Spyic to begin spying. The Android-based Minspy solution is under 3MB which makes its installation lightning fast. The application logo disappears from the application menu list after installation. In this way, the target user can never find out whether there is any spying app running on his phone.

  • It’s a familiar feeling of anxiety when someone grabs your phone without any permission and starts looking for something there.
  • These apps have been available for quite some time, so it’s possible that you might have seen some of these by now.
  • You never know who is peeping into your phone’s screen from an arm’s length.
  • You need physical access to the mobile phone to install Minspy.
  • Download it like any other application by following the instructions.
  • So, if encrypted, a file such as “mysecretpixxx.jpg” will instead appear as a ridiculous sequence, if accessed remotely.

Neatspy is the best tool with which to hack mobile phones with a computer. However, it has already established itself as the leader of all spy tracking software and tools. Neatspy is completely legal to use and it’s trusted by millions of users from across the world.

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This application also takes your e-mail id so in case you forgot your pin or password don’t worry you can reset it easily. It lets you hide your private photos and videos as well as documents. This application has an in-built web browser and an automatic video downloader.