QQQ is based in Melbourne Australia, please read the below contents before business proceedings.
Our products are produced in Japan and Australia in which our products vary with lead times and selling arrangements.
Please read the following information, thanks for your time.

If there are any questions related to the following information, please refer willingly toretailer@qqq-click.com


Wholesale & consignment agreement

・For products produced i Australia, consignment agreements are only valid within Australia.
・For products produced in Japan, we only deal in wholesale agreements.
・Wholesale and consignment price discounts are not open for consideration.
・The discount of our products during the sale periods is not accepted.
・When a product remains unsold after three months, when will offer incentive for sale by offering limited edition gift items to support the products at sale.


Consignment only agreement

• Upon first order, minimum order is 20 items within 5 different products on display.
• We will monitor sales monthly, At the end of each month items sold will be accounted for. Payment is then due on the 15th of each month.
• Profit margin on sales of consignment products is 30% + Tax.
• If multiple products are damaged or stolen there will be no further consignment deals offered with the chosen retailers.


Wholesale only agreement

・Minimum order is 1 lot of each product, please refer to wholesale information on our web catalogue for further detail .
・Upon first order we need payment in full. Upon further dealings we will be happy to discuss 30 day payment options.
・Wholesale options are available within each country.