It couldn’t function as the Olympics without some sort of cheating scandal, additionally the digital variation housed inside Destiny is not any different. Accusations of Titans banding together to cheat the device in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games were traveling over the course of the week that is past so that as of today, Titans have actually certainly won the games 7 days in a line, with Hunters just winning time one, and Warlocks a permanent 2nd spot since.

We have written over over repeatedly exactly how no, i actually do perhaps perhaps perhaps not believe Titans are cheating to win the Games, despite some strange advertising behavior that appears to let them have early leads almsot each and every day they never lose.

Nonetheless it took Bungie itself shutting down two of the very theories that are popular how Titans could be cheating for at the very least many people to finally accept that Titans were simply upright winning. Community Manager DMG took to Twitter to state two really clear statements about that which was occurring. First, the commonly provided movie that presents a Titan over repeatedly slamming in medals to your podium is a bug that is visual and will not really add progress toward triumphs or the medal count, Bungie can verify.

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2nd, the theory that Titans are en masse deleting and remaking figures to donate an individual silver medal through the intro Guardian Games quest isn’t “moving the needle” with regards to the standings either.

As Community group user Griffin Bennett place it, “It’s really because easy as Titans are only winning. No conspiracy. maybe maybe Not rigged.” Will this silence everybody complaining about Titan victories? Needless to say perhaps perhaps not. There’s still the other popular idea that Bungie has screwed up the “weighting” regarding the classes, that has been applied since there are physically just a lot more Hunters than every other course, and should they didn’t weight them, Hunters could have won through sheer populace size alone.

I’m seeing some people saying “well Titan medals can be worth 2x Hunter medals so of course they’re winning” whenever that ratio never been verified, and appropriate weighting may possibly become more like 1.2-1.3x, if any such thing.

I really do genuinely believe that the character of Guardian Games may screw things up a bit that is little terms of weighting. For individuals operating three figures, by way of example, if you’re logging in and submiting medals simply to get Heir Apparent since fast that you can, when you do equal medals across all figures, that could suggest Hunters obtain the least due to the weighting. But, it is Warlocks, not Titans using the player population that is lowest, this means they ought to have the greatest fat. And we’re perhaps perhaps not seeing them winning every single day. Therefore even though it is an issue, we don’t think it is “the solution” either. Sometimes the simplest description is the best one, and right right here, that’s the theory that Titans are just…winning. They might be snowballing because their previous victories are encouraging them toward future people, while conversely, Hunters are frustrated about their constant losses, so they’ve dropped away altogether.

Needless to say, this will be all extremely foolish and there are not any genuine implications for a win or loss apart from which course gets a statue within the Tower for the the following year. Everyone has opportunity that is equal get most of the emblems and shaders in addition to exotic from the occasion, regardless of the standings. But no, no body is mass cheating to propel one course over another, and I also hear that this is further discussed into the TWAB later now.