Not only That, even we can use google translator as Proxy. We can access or open blocked sites with google translator. So we don’t need to buy any VPN to access blocked websites. With our menu system, all you have to do is click a button and translate the full Excel workbook from one language to another. With the power of Google’s machine learning translation engine you can be assured that translations are good. When traveling abroad, especially in a region with multiple languages, it can be challenging for people to determine the language of the text that they need to translate.

The government may misconstrue harmless comments or miss an actually threatening one. Let me return to that sad image Google Translate of human translators, soon outdone and outmoded, gradually turning into nothing but quality controllers and text tweakers. A serious artist doesn’t start with a kitschy piece of error-ridden bilgewater and then patch it up here and there to produce a work of high art.

Manual Translation

The Recovery Fund will be used to purchase personal protective equipment and other supplies to assist those fighting the pandemic. @strangecodestat Google Is experiencing a networking issue at the moment. It doesn’t appear to be affecting Strangecode services, but it might for some regions.

Additionally, I can confirm that utilizing Zendesk Chat with Google translate should not cause any security issues. Like my associate, Travis, mentioned above, the data that is sent to Google to be translated is not stored. In short, the data is only sent to Google to be translated. We have a prospect, a company that works in the Banking sector. They are interested in Chat Translation, they support a wide selection of languages, they are concerned how Zendesk use the Google Translate.

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Your current page is translated without having to open new tabs. The information Google collects, and how that information is used, depends on how you use our services and how you manage your privacy controls” – extract from the Privacy Policy section „Information Google collects”. Also, if you have a Google e-mail account and you are signed in, Google announces that it collects information stored with your Google Account, which they treat as „personal information”. Yes you can translate a message back to its original form with all the option listed, all you need to do is simply click view original message and all the option will highlight back on your screen. Select the language you want to translate to and click on translate message to complete.

  • You just have to pass the list containing the phrases as a parameter to the translate() method.
  • The grammatical complexity of items was assessed by the number of clauses ; when an item did not contain a clause, it was scored 1, and when it included one clause, it was scored 2.
  • But when you have this many people around the world going online and staying home on a prolonged basis, this presents ripe website traffic opportunities.
  • However, that is a bit disingenuous, as Mandarin speakers will be unable to understand, say Cantonese.
  • Although the benefit of this in comparison is that you can be more selective as to exactly which words, phrases, sentences or entire paragraphs you translate.