Although this provider does not allow for free trials, it gives you a 30-day money-back period. Within this window, you can use its service and request a refund if unsatisfied with the quality of service. It makes use of the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. This provider allows you to pay for your subscription using cryptocurrencies. This is both hugely convenient and also great for privacy. This provider is well-respected in the industry, having remained consistent with its stellar delivery over the years.

The browser comes with over 10 search engine options and has features to block images for a faster browsing experience. It also has a Night mode and the ability to switch between light and dark themes. Further, Indian Browser comes with an Ads Blocker to let you block ads while browsing the Web.


Some password managers, including RoboForm Everywhere 7($16.68 at RoboForm) and Editors’ Choice LastPass 3.0, support bookmarklets for situations when you can’t install a plug-in. A bookmarklet is a tiny Javascript program that’s entirely contained in a browser bookmark. On the other hand, Epic totally blocks ads, which means some pages will load faster. Of course, if everyone blocked ads then some websites would fold for lack of ad revenues.

I like the Chrome-based browsers, of course, except Google Chrome, because it is totally insecure. I read now that you have excluded Iridium Browser from the list of recommended browsers, because it is not updated since December/2020. Just want to make it clear that Firefox Focus can be used to enhance Safari but any other content blocker used will only enhance Safari, not other browsers such as Firefox Focus, SnowHaze, Brave, DuckDuckGo etc. However, I think Firefox Focus comes with Safari integration to enhance Safari’s tracking protection and content blocking.


Download UC Browser Turbo APK for Android

The app could not be downloaded on Android app stores operated by major Chinese phone makers Huawei, Xiaomi Corp and Vivo as of Tuesday afternoon. UC Browser could not be downloaded on Android app stores operated by major Chinese phone makers Huawei, Xiaomi Corp and Vivo as of Tuesday evening. Chinese app stores have removed Alibaba Group’s UC Browser for mobiles after it was criticised on Chinese state television’s annual consumer rights show for including medical ads by unqualified companies. Android app stores including those operated by Huawei and Xiaomi have blocked downloads or removed Alibaba’s “UC Browser,” according to Huawei and Xiaomi phone owners who spoke to CNBC. UC Browser could not be downloaded on Android app stores operated by major Chinese phone makers Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo as of Tuesday evening.

  • HTTPS Everywhere – An add-on from the folks at Electronic Frontier Foundation, this will force websites to use a secure HTTPS encrypted connection .
  • Unfortunately, the person or people behind it are slow-going in getting the issue fixed.
  • It makes sense that one would author to take advantage of the 90% vs. the 10%.
  • The UC Browser for Desktop for Windows PC is unquestionably the best Browsers and Plugins that you can find nowadays.
  • Kill Switch – Amongst the features of a VPN, a kill switch is one of the most important ones.

UC Browser issued an immediate apology and promised to carry out an investigation on the accusation as well as enforce corrective measures. This was what Alibaba had to say after UC Browser had issued a statement. ‘We will further strengthen the supervision mechanism and sense of responsibility of the platform, and provide users with high-quality information services with more stringent standards. Apart from that, Chrome now allows a seamless transition from one device to another with its generate password and sync everything. Chrome now comes with a dark user interface, and dark mode for web content is set to release you can test the feature right away from the Chrome Flags page. For Privacy Reasons, if you wish to Clear Chrome History follow the Link highlighted.

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