You understand you are Glaswegian whenever.

Published by: Sue Smith

Written on: July 14, 2020

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until you’re Glaswegian, then you can certainly say everything you like in regards to the destination. Through the scenery that is magnificent the vibrant tradition, your Glasgow identification must certanly be a source of pride.


In case it isn’t, you need to be happy you aren’t from Edinburgh.

You consider Edinburgh part of England

No matter what the maps and atlases state, or exactly what the individuals of Edinburgh by themselves think, if you should be Glaswegian, Edinburgh is actually section of England as far you are worried. If it is not bad sufficient, there aren’t any decent bars here in addition they put a horrifying mix of brown sauce and vinegar on the potato chips. Actually, the time that is only worthwhile takes place in Edinburgh is throughout the Festival, after which it is packed with People in the us.

  • The Uk perception of Glaswegians therefore the Scots generally speaking as drunken, unhealthy and violent is of course offensive.
  • No matter what the maps and atlases state, or just what the folks of Edinburgh by themselves think, if you are Glaswegian, Edinburgh is basically element of England as far you are worried.

You judge people by the quality of the “patter”

Glaswegians value discussion pretty very. Somebody with high quality patter is a pleasant conversationalist and should they’re funny their patter is also more extremely regarded. In fact, patter can be so crucial in Glasgow you don’t have even to learn you to definitely participate in discussion with them, you simply need to be found at approximately equivalent longitude and latitude.

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You see your “coupon when you look in the mirror”

If you are perhaps not playing the swimming pools, your “coupon” is the face. This utilization of the term is most often heard included in such expressions as “what a voucher,” on seeing someone with a noteworthy or remarkable face, or “what’s his/her voucher,” if you occur to your investment man or woman’s title. If somebody provides you with a “sore face,” you recognize that your particular voucher might be under danger.

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When it isn’t a square sausage it is a square get

If somebody asks you to definitely silverdaddy consider a Glasgow square you may suggest George Square, among the town’s central conference points. Nonetheless, two other squares you could be more knowledgeable about are the sausage that is square the square get. These basic elements of Glasgow life relate to two of the finest liked hobbies within the town, consuming quality that is poor items and achieving a fight.

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It’s not a fry-up if there is no tattie scone

No-one loves fried food a lot more than a Glaswegian. Whether or not it’s therefore greatly prepared it offers lost any trace it when had of a plant or animal, you’ll have a go at deep-frying it. Nevertheless, in terms of morning meal, a”tattie that is missing” (potato scone) is unforgivable.

  • Relevant: you realize you are a Southern English ponce whenever.
  • If some body asks one to think of a Glasgow square you might suggest George Square, one of several town’s main conference points.

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Sunshine means guys should strip to the immediately waist

If you should be a Glaswegian guy and the sun’s rays is going, you may feel an irrepressible desire to eliminate the clothes through the top section of the body. Men like to respond to those rare weather events by firmly taking their “taps aff” even though the heat is indeed low it is a severe health danger. In warm weather, your pasty Glaswegian skin will unfortuitously keep the brunt with this compulsion, providing your skin the look of an uncooked square sausage.

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That you don’t expect the current weather to keep exactly the same for very long

In Glasgow the elements is hardly ever hot, also during the summer. Nevertheless, yourself experiencing less than favourable weather, you don’t worry too much as it’ll probably change within the next hour if you find. The four periods are an everyday, in the place of annual, occasion into the Glasgow area, generally there’s one thing for everybody, it is simply a little tricky deciding things to wear.

  • Relevant: making the fry-up that is perfect you are a Glaswegian man additionally the sun has gone out, you will definitely feel an irrepressible desire to get rid of the clothes from the upper section of the body.