Download Droid Hardware Info APP from the Google Playstore to know which APk file is suitable for your android device. People love this YouTube Vanced edition because it was having Dark and Black theming. Now, Google introduced in the Official YouTube APP which is actually available in playstore. Formerly it is a well known rooted android app called iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Play. It was developed by Master T from XDA-Developer forum.

  • Thoptv apk is the best alternative of Netflix, Hotstar, Jio tv and many more apps.
  • We always try to encourage users to pay subscription fees if they can afford it.
  • One can YouTube Vanced APK also install YouTube Vanced if their device is rooted.

Maybe you can try another youtube vanced apk. But do not worry we are here to help you out. YouTube Vanced is an another application about YouTube that offers premium features. Premium Features such as YouTube Background Play, YouTube Picture in Picture Video play or PIP, Ads block and unlock extra quality videos.

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If you choose White/Blue, you can switch the theme between the two main colors, Blue and White. The White/Dark theme works quite similar to the original version. You can switch between two White and Dark themes.

This app is both safe and free to download. Download this app for your PC today, and you will enjoy the features mentioned above. This app usually has some incredible features that can fascinate you. First, you will note that it allows you to play music or videos in the background. It also reduces the time spent watching different advertisements in your video. The good news is that this software has many special features that are not even available on the original application of YouTube.

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The automated phone system voice interferes with the mic and selects a options on the call without me saying something. Usually, the automated system disrupts its self telling me that it doesn’t understand what I am asking for because it’s listening to its self do to a Magisk bug. Also, I’m unable to lower the volume much in speakerphone mode as much as I use to. I did an update with an OTA to disable the Magisk, and all problems are fixed. I rooted again using Magisk, and the problem was back.